A fantastic self-made folding Desk with a View, by Jesus

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2 minutes

Sometimes a standard solution or product is not sufficient. Or often it is simply not beautiful! In this project Jesus shows how he made a very nice folding desk from custom sawn white birch plywood.

Description of Jesus

I made a folding desk in which I could hide my screen and my mess. Previously, as you can see in one of the pictures, I had a folding desk from Ikea in the living room... but there was no way to hide the screen or store it while I wasn't working. We have a very nice view from that place, and it's a nice place to work with plenty of light, so I didn't want to move out of this place. Soo, to avoid issues with my girlfriend about keeping the area tidy...I decided to make this box and I love it! The area looks nice and clean, and I don't need to take my ultra-wide screen upstairs when we have visitors. The desk space is larger now too, which makes it even better! I already bought more wood to make a shelf and some modular furniture next to it! So keep posted!!

How I made this project

1. We paid an architect and designer to give us ideas on how to make the living room livable but functional for our daily life
2. I took the designer's ideas and looked for the box that I wanted! TOO FXXX EXPENSIVE
3. Decided to buy the wood
4. Choose this webshop (the best option to be honest)
5. Took the measurements and designed the box
6. Bought the wood with the measures I needed
7. Used the driller to open small holes to put dowel joints and glue and put the structure together
8. Bought the pistons and hinges for the door/desk, to soft the opening and close and to hold it
9. Installed the pistons and hinges (piston installation was a nightmare)
10. Put it against the wall! (didn't pre-drilled the whole, but check before putting any screws for electricity and other metals with a special tool to scan)

Dimensions of my DIY project

103.6 length x 60 width x 26 depth

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How next?

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€ 250,59

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