Anthracite planters for a green office, by Susan

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Inspiration for a greener office with DIY planters

Are you looking for inspiration to give your office space a natural upgrade? Discover how Susan transformed the office into a green oasis with anthracite planters. This DIY project shows that a stylish working environment and sustainability go hand in hand.

The structure of the project

Susan has managed to realize a contemporary project with care and attention. The project started with having MDF Blank panels cut to size by The panels have been expertly processed into sleek, anthracite planters that fit perfectly with the interior of a modern office. With a soothing appearance and the versatility of the material, these planters each have a unique character.

The style of the office

The planters are placed in the office and contribute to a natural separation between workplaces. The anthracite color forms a beautiful contrast with the vibrant green and wooden furniture. The modern style of the office is emphasized by the industrial elements, such as visible piping and sleek lighting, and the planters fit in seamlessly with this.

Benefits of making it yourself

DIY projects such as These anthracite planters offer many advantages. The freedom in dimensions ensures that the bins fit exactly into the available space in the office. By choosing the material yourself, costs can be kept low, while no compromises are made on quality and style.

Completion and style options

Susan's project was fully completed with an eye for detail and style. The anthracite planters exude a minimalist and contemporary atmosphere. This result shows that doing it yourself is not only satisfying, but also results in a personalized working environment.

MDF Blank 18 mm advantages

The chosen type of wood, MDF Blank 18 mm, is ideal for this type of projects. It is a smooth and uniform material that is easy to work and paint. This allowed Susan to provide the planters with a sleek anthracite-colored finish that contributes to the modern look.

MDF Blank 38 mm advantages

The thicker MDF Blank 38 mm panels offer robustness and stability to the planters. This contributes to sustainability and ensures that the containers work well in the dynamic office environment.

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How next?

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