Homemade black outdoor planters by Pieter

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What have you made?

2 custom black planters for outside. Made of concrete plywood (TOSIZE.co.uk). Equipped with plastic bins (Ikea) and wheels (Action). Baking lacquered in (Sikkens) satin color gray-black.

Customize your own planters

Ordering First, determined the desired size of bins, then the betonplex custom ordered from TOSIZE.co.uk. Preparations Concrete plywood first degreased with ammonia, then sanded with grain 240. The edges of the concrete plywood with 2 layers of edge sealer. Cover the concrete plywood on 1 side (the side that serves as the outside of the container) with 2 layers of multiprimer. Assembly The containers are screwed together by using impregnated 4x4 cm beams on the inside. This means you do not have to screw on the outside. 2 plywood plates on the inside, on which the wheels are attached. Trays mounted to hang plastic inner trays. Cover strip fitted. Then all edges sealed. Finishing Finally, the trays painted.

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

Bak 1) 225,0 x 30,0 x 55,0 cm (lxbxh) Bak 2) 200,0 x 30,0 x 55,0 cm (lxbxh)

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