Beech bottom shelf mobile shelving units, by René

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To make maximum use of the storage space in the attic (under a pitched roof), I made two shelving units on wheels so that I can store as much stuff as possible, but still have easy access to all things by rolling the cupboards out of the storage

DIY shelving unit with solid beech

The beautiful beech carpentry panels from were neatly delivered to home on the communicated time. The boards were pristine! On the top I screwed the mounting plates of the shelving units and on the bottom sturdy castors (each loadable up to 100 kg). I also attached 2 L-profiles to the underside to prevent the shelf from sagging. Then put the shelves on their wheels and put the shelving units on them. The two cabinets fit exactly in the storage space (behind a roller shutter). As can be seen in the photos, this way I can store a maximum number of items while I can still easily reach the rear items myself.

The dimensions of the project

Both 146.5 x 44.5 cm as a base, 1 rack of 110.0 cm high and 1 of 70.0 cm high

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