hi-fi furniture made of oak carpentry panel and steel frame, by Armando

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There are two mobile hi-fi furniture, one furniture is for records. And the other furniture is for the records and for the hi-fi equipment. On the hi-fi furniture, records can still be stored on the bottom shelf

Customized hi-fi furniture

I ordered custom frames through construction tube. The frames are tailored to the available space in the attic. Based on the frames, I ordered oak panels. I first sanded the wooden panels thoroughly smooth with 120-grit sandpaper. After sanding, I cleaned the panels with a wood primer that removed the remnants of sanding well. Then I oiled the panels with an oak color monocoat oil. Drying the panels took several days. Finally I attached the wood to the frames

The dimensions of the project

furniture is 90.0x60.0x95.0 and 95.0x50.0x95.0

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