DIY: trailer restoration with Betonplex anti-slip, by Eric

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The trailer was so bad that the cargo in it could no longer be transported safely. New wood was not an unnecessary luxury. Quite handy myself so the next project was born. Trailer overhaul!

Replacing wood of trailer

The trailer needed some new planks. Beautiful concrete plex delivered and custom. Prefect! They are 5 separate parts that, after some measuring work, have been sawn straight by your candle to the millimeter. The 15mm thick bottom plate again forms a solid base that we can use for a long time again. The anti-slip on the plate may prevent sliding in the cart. This is a nice solution. Now the rides can move to the landfill or other chores. Thanks to your wood, the cart can last for a number of years.

The dimensions of the trailer

140,0x200,0 cm

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