Homemade kitchen unit and storage drawer for the trailer tent, by Michiel

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Above average

2 minutes

Do you want to enjoy the outdoors? Then, just like Michiel, make your trailer tent completely according to your wishes with your own extendable kitchen unit and storage drawer. Michiel made this extendable instruction himself from custom-sawn plywood. By cleverly using various parts from both IKEA and TOSIZE.ie he has created a practical and delicious outdoor kitchen.

Description by Michiel

Kitchen unit and storage drawer for our Campooz trailer tent. Both drawers mounted on drawer guides. This way we can easily access our kitchen and all the things.

How I made this project

Everything is custom ordered in waterproof plywood 15mm, delivered neatly packaged. The cabinets were then quickly assembled. Everything screwed, filler with primer and 2x topcoats. To install the drawers at the front, I installed Ikea EXCEPTIONELL drawers, low and medium, with push-open.

The bamboo top also comes from Ikea (TOLKEN Worktop), the worktop is sawn with a 56 teeth 190mm blade. That worked perfectly, no splinters. The cutting board is also bamboo Ikea lamp-like, this had to be shortened slightly to fit the width of the kitchen unit. The drawer slides are suitable for a load of 200kg, length 1,300mm - with open/close locking.

Dimensions of my DIY project

127.0 cm × 49.0 cm × 47 .0 cm (LxWxH)

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How next?

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