Dormer ceiling in MDF, by Edward

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2 minutes

A new ceiling

After work on our roof, a number of roof tiles were not put back properly. This caused leakage at our dormer window. The ceiling began to show brown spots and the roof slab was saturated with water. After we broke open the bad pieces, we could see through the hole to see if the leak was fixed. When this was resolved it was time to repair the damage and tidy up the dormer window.

Ceiling repair with MDF

For the repair of the ceiling of the dormer window, a new plate had to be placed against it, but you cannot get this size at a hardware store. offered a solution. There, all kinds of wood can be ordered in all different sizes. Ideal! We have opted for MDF lacquer layer . This is an MDF board with a lacquer-bearing foil, so that the ceiling paint does not penetrate into the wood during the sauce. The plate was neatly delivered with a protective edge against damage. It was exactly the right size and fit perfectly. I plotted the dimensions of the beams on the MDF board and pre-drilled and countersunk four holes per beam, so that the screws fall in nicely and then finished tightly with a filler. Two more corners had to be cut out by hand because of the skirting boards against the frame. Placing the plate against it was the hardest work, but when it was screwed on, I could start sealing the sides and filling the screw holes. Then I dipped everything (including the side walls) so that everything is nicely one whole again.

Ceiling format

Rectangle (sawn) | 271.0 x 119.0 cm

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