Shed lined with OSB, by Manolito

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2 minutes


The inside of the shed is lined with 9 mm OSB boards . We doubted for a long time what the shed should be finished with and finally opted for OSB.

Work description: how did you realize your project

After a company had placed the garden shed, it was my turn to neatly finish the inside, since the power cables were all visible. Since it is in a shed where it could possibly be damp, I have chosen these plates that can withstand moisture. First everything measured to have it sawn at the hardware store. Just before I wanted to leave for the hardware store, I came across The reviews were so positive that I took the chance. Placing the order was very easy and then it was neatly delivered to your home. A very friendly driver came to deliver it. It was neatly packed and you could see that this was done with love. Neatly placed together on the job site and then I could immediately get to work. Everything was neatly cut to size and I was ready to assemble in no time. I am still completely happy with the result and the way it went. Thank you very much for cutting the plates neatly to size. I will definitely order again if I need anything.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

I had all the plates cut to a length of 230.0 cm with various widths. Perfectly cut down to the millimetre!

How next?

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