Super quality pine shelves for storage cupboard, by Laurens

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Very easy

2 minutes

Laurens shares on this page his experience with using super quality pine planks for his storage cupboard. He provides useful tips and advice for this project. With his DIY approach, Laurens has created a durable and functional storage cabinet, perfectly suited to his needs. Follow his steps and make your own storage cupboard with super quality pine shelves for a practical and stylish solution.

Description by Laurens

I had a new project with difficult measurements to make for the shelves on the wall. I am not very handy myself and with the service of I was able to easily get the planks to the right size. The project was a real success and I also have some extra wood for other projects or for my son to make something fun with. The service is also really good, ordering is easy, a handy and clear tool to get the planks to the right size. You will also be kept well informed about the delivery status, etc. In other words, a good purchase and definitely recommend it!

How I made this project

Simply screwed the rods into the wall , measured how big the planks could be and had them measured in the program. Totally great. It was an old wall, so I could partly use the holes that had been made by the old residents, so I didn't have to really measure and determine much myself. Could make good use of what was already there. This made it a relatively easy job, especially with the planks being so easy to saw. Cheaper also than at the DIY stores.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Length 150.0 cm and width 30.0 cm

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How next?

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