Trespa® pine green shelves for the hobby greenhouse, by Jac

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We have placed a very nice Trespa® dennengroen shelf in our new hobby greenhouse. It is a modest project, but nevertheless an essential project for us.

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Our new hobby greenhouse has been installed and now we can get started. On the short side we have placed five supports for a shelf. And then we have to look for a maintenance-friendly, sturdy and indestructible shelf. After searching the internet for a long time, we arrived at, where we ordered a nice Trespa® sheet. In the meantime we had to come up with a temporary emergency solution and we found a remaining piece of plate, so placed it and secured it with glue clamps. We were able to start with the plants and with sowing them in containers. How happy we were when the beautiful Trespa® pine green shelf was delivered. And of course we placed it immediately. What a joy to work on such a beautiful shelf! Thank you people from Kind regards, Jac and Jeanne

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2500 x 600 x 6 mm

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