XL Towers of Hanoi from Timmer Panel Grenen

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Very easy

2 minutes


The Towers of Hanoi is a game invented by the French mathematician Édouard Lucas in 1883. The object of the game is to move the disk tower to another stick by moving the disks one by one so that a larger disk is never placed on a smaller one. disk. As you can read on the Wikipedia page of the same name, the Towers of Hanoi are linked to a legend about a Hindu temple in the Indian city of Benares under Emperor Fo Hi. The priests of this temple, the Brahmins, were engaged in moving a tower of 64 golden discs. The discs lay on three diamond needles, each one cubit long and as thick as the body of a bee. Legend has it that the world comes to an end when the work is done. It can be shown that you need at least 2 to the power of n (n = number of disks) steps to solve the Towers of Hanoi with n disks. Assuming the priests would move one disk per second, it would take them roughly 585 billion years to complete the work. This is about 43 times the estimated age of the universe!

How did you make the game?

  • 1 rectangular wooden base plate *
  • 7 wooden discs, with increasing diameter *
  • 3 round wooden sticks
  • wood glue
  • dowel set
  • hole saw or bell drill with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the round wooden dowels
  • drill
* = supplied by TOSIZE.com The working method is of course quite self-explanatory: we have to attach the round sticks to the base plate and saw holes in the discs so that they can be slid over the sticks. I attached the sticks to the plate with the help of a dowel set (I used a wood plug of 4.0 cm):
  1. drill a 2.0 cm hole in the base plate; the hole has the same diameter as the wood plug
  2. also drill a 2.0 cm hole in one end of the stick
  3. spray a little wood glue into the holes and connect to the wood plug
I sawed the holes in the discs using a hole saw. Allow 1 mm of play to slide the discs smoothly over the sticks.

What are the measurements?

The dimensions are 95.0 cm long by 35.0 cm wide

How next?

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