Cottage with concrete plywood shelves for garden tools, by Ben

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Next to my house I have made a shed/house to store my garden tools. It consists of a steel profile in which 28 mm oak planks are made on the outside. A tiled roof has been made on top of the steel profile. In the house, storage shelves are made of concrete plywood sheets that I ordered from I had these made exactly to size and fitted exactly into the existing profile. I finished the sawed edges with boat varnish so that they can withstand the weather conditions a little longer.

DIY storage house for the garden

Profile made of steel in which the oak could be made on the outside and the concrete plywood as a storage shelf on the inside. The steel was varnished with hammerite and the oak planks were put in boiled linseed oil. I secured the concrete plywood plates with screws and before time I finished the edges of the plates with boat varnish so that they can withstand damp weather conditions. I only made the wood in the house after I placed the profile on straps outside. Even then the roof was made.

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113,5x71,5 cm b

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