Create your own concrete hologram tower, by Tim

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2 minutes

Inspirational DIY project

Concrete has gained great popularity in the world of interior design in recent years. During an innovative DIY project, Tim took this trend to the next level. He created a concrete tower that not only has a robust appearance, but also incorporates today's technological gadgets: playing hologram videos.

The use of Betonplex Birch

Accuracy was essential for the realization of this project. The wooden panels, painstakingly cut to size by, functioned as formwork for pouring concrete. Betonplex Birch is not only aesthetic because of its warm, dark brown color, but also extremely functional. This material resists moisture and concrete does not adhere easily to it, making it ideal for this application.

The construction of a concrete tower

The composition of Concrete and Tiles ensures a solid and durable construction. The chosen color combination of the dark concrete complex and the light gray concrete together form a modern and industrial whole.

Why make your own concrete tower?

Making your own concrete tower offers various advantages. Not only do you have absolute freedom in sizing, so you can customize it entirely to your own wishes, but you can also save on your budget. By tackling the project yourself, you have full control over the materials and the design process.

Stylish and functional

Tim's project is beautifully finished and the result is impressive are. The industrial style of the concrete tower fits perfectly in a minimalist interior. When the hologram projector comes into operation, this tower comes to life and creates a unique atmosphere in the room.

Betonplex Birch as a smart choice

The use of Betonplex Birch Dark Brown 12 mm offers the advantage that the concrete comes off effortlessly after hardening. The durability and consistent quality of concrete plywood make it an ideal choice for these types of projects. In addition, the warm, dark brown finish contributes to a stylish appearance that contrasts beautifully with the light gray concrete.

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How next?

This is a project for inspiration. Because our assortment has changed, (some of) the products are no longer available.

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