Creative wall decoration/wall clocks made of black MDF, by Guy

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2 minutes

Inspiration for wall decoration with a personal touch

Are you looking for an inspiring DIY project with a unique look? Discover how Guy created beautiful wall clocks and a welcome sign using custom sawn black MDF from In the living room, these decorative elements have been given a prominent place, giving the interior a personal and artistic flair.

Handmade Wall Clocks and Welcome Sign

Guy has created a collection of impressive wall decoration. The wall clocks, with carved designs such as horses, music legends and iconic band members, are more than just time markers; they are a tribute to the passions and heroes. The welcome sign, graceful with cutouts of cute pets and a heart, offers a warm greeting at the entrance of the home.

The Art of Precision with

The project is up to was created by ordering MDF material from, which saw the black MDF perfectly to size. The clocks and the sign were created with great precision and attention to detail. The warm, black MDF contrasts beautifully with the wall behind it and gives a modern, sleek look.

Why make it yourself?

Making these wall decorations yourself offers many advantages. In addition to cost savings, it gives you the freedom to choose sizes and designs that exactly match your wishes and interior. Working with MDF makes it possible to cut out complex designs without too many tools.

The style of Guy's project

Each piece exudes a modern and sturdy aesthetic with a personal touch. Whether it is the vintage charm of the Elvis Presley wall clock or the playful appearance of the 'Born to be Wild' dog motif, the style of this project appeals to the imagination.

The advantages of MDF Black 3 mm

Black MDF of 3 mm thick has specific advantages. The material is light but sturdy, easy to work with and the black, smooth surface requires no further finishing. Due to the timeless character of the black MDF, these DIY projects will last for years and remain beautiful in any type of interior.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Guy's saw list and complete your order easily.

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