Realize a sea work of art step by step, with Joyce

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2 minutes


On the mdf panee l I made an artwork of a sea of, among other things, resin and sand. The work is finished with an aluminum edge.

A work of art with a base of MDF

I first gave the panel two good coats of black gesso. Then I attached the aluminum edge and taped it with painter's tape. For the sand I put a thin layer of casting resin on part of the panel. Here I pressed a thick layer of sand. After 24 hours I removed the loose sand. After this I applied the first layer of water with clear casting resin. That's where I put the shells in. On the edge of the water I applied white casting resin (white one mixed with pigment paste) and spread it widely by blowing with a straw. Let this dry well first. The second layer of water has been given a somewhat transparent turquoise color by means of acrylic ink. The casting resin should be a bit thick so that you get height. Also here I blown the white border. Make sure it is dry before continuing. The last wave consists of two opaque shades of turquoise using acrylic ink for a gradient and again a white border. I also blown out some white here on the water. If necessary, remove the masking tape in parts on areas where you are finished.

The diameter of the artwork

50,0 cm

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