Cupboard in the shed for the freezer made of MDF, by Martijn

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I wanted a cupboard in the front of the shed where the freezer could stand so that the door could open easily with the bicycles. I wanted to be able to put the crates of beer and coke in it.

Compartment cupboard for the shed

All MDF moisture-resistant boards V313 25 mm treated with an edge sealer (I would not do this next time because of the layer that comes on it. Still not completely smooth. Then put the cabinet together and then 2 layers of primer. First sealed the holes with wood filler and then the primer I screwed everything for a large part, fixed the planks between the cupboard with a dowel, drilled holes and pushed the shelf in. The cupboard has become super heavy but nice and sturdy!

The dimensions of the project

56.0 cm high, 90.0 cm wide and 65.0 cm deep

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