Custom Artifort sofa by Christian

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We had an artifort sofa from Kho Liang Ie that was very comfortable but missing armrests. It was also allowed to be a bit bigger so that we can all take care of it. So welded a frame with armrests and saw the wood to size at at the right angle. Plates glued and screwed into the frame. Now we have a sofa with the same proportions as the original but without the drawbacks :)

Do it yourself: customize a sofa

Have panels cut at the correct angle. 2 parts laid flat with the bevelled sides up. Then the parts at the bottom with masking tape tightly stuck together. Then the open seam filled with PU glue. 1 Plate raised so that the seam is closed and the whole secured with straps. Let this dry for a few hours. Then with a chisel the glue residue that comes out of the seam has been removed and the whole painted. Then lowered into a steel frame and secured with screws

Customizing a sofa

100,0 x 100,0 x 270,0 cm

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