Custom wardrobe and shoe cabinet, by Wim

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A tidy hall

The hall was always cluttered with coats, ties and shoes. I could not find an (affordable) solution for this with standard furniture. So the idea was to make it yourself.

How do you make a cupboard yourself?

- First drawn a design - Wood ordered from - The end sections of the multiplex platen 2x sanded and varnished with clear lacquer - Holes drilled for the shelves and for the dowels - Glued the cabinets together with dowels and wood glue - Sanding, priming and sanding the cabinets - 2x topcoating - Mounting rails for sliding doors and adjusting doors - Marking, drilling and mounting the hinges for the cabinet doors. - Mount shelf supports in the holes and place shelves in the cupboard

The sizes of the wardrobe and shoe cabinet

The wardrobe is LWH 184.0 x 45.0 x 146.0 cm The shoe cabinet is LWH 100.0 x 37.0 x 146.0 cm

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