Customized cooling with this air conditioning conversion!

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When you have an air conditioner in your house, of course you don't want cold air to escape because your trunk has to go outside. That is why Raymond came up with the solution of making an air-conditioning casing from phenolic plywood and plywood. Read here how you can make one yourself!

Great, such a mobile air conditioner at home. This way you keep the house nice and cool! It is a pity that such an air conditioner has a trunk that has to go out, then a window still has to be opened and you lose a lot of cold air again. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can make an air conditioning conversion yourself that you can exchange with the glass of a window or panel. You do that like this:
  1. Screw or glue the plywood and plywood plates together to the same thickness of the glass.
  2. Then you cut a hole with the same diameter as the trunk. To ensure that no water can get in, I placed a plastic wall cap over the hole.
  3. Now you can replace the glass pane or panel with the plate and enjoy optimal cooling in your home!
Due to the materials used, the outside is waterproof and you can paint the inside in the desired color if necessary. And after the summer everything can be put back in no time. With this air conditioning conversion, the air conditioning remains nice and mobile! On to next summer!

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