Dining table bench of MDF Lacquer of almost 3 meters!

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2 minutes

What have you made?

A dining bench of 280.0 cm long, as Francisco and Jasper also made, but without a drawer. Material is MDF Lacquer wear, lacquered with satin white lacquer.

How did you make the sofa?

My sofa is based on the Jasper and Francisco sofas. After the necessary calculations, drawing and numbers, I had all the wood for the sofa (MDF lacquer support and spruce beams) cut to size and a few days later my 'building kit' arrived. Kudos to the driver, who carefully checked everything out before we brought it in. I took the time to assemble everything properly (see steps in the photos). Then a lot of sanding, countersinking screws, filling, sanding and first coats of lacquering (and first priming the sawn and end edges with MDF primer). TIPS:

  • use wood glue (in my enthusiasm I forgot to use wood glue between the parts, but still stick well enough)
  • an extra length bar for the backrest (which makes it even tighter)
  • if possible screw tight through the backrest to the wall or with miter cut slats / planks (1 on the wall and 1 on the sofa)
  • blind screw all plates and planks so that you do not have to fill (much)
  • have a 2.80 meter cushion made to measure with standing seams (we will have the back cushion done)

What are the measurements?

Length: 280.0 cm Height: 87.2 cm Top board: 278.2 cm I rounded instead of beveled

How next?

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