Dining table bench with drawer, by Jasper

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2 minutes

What did you make?

A bench for the dining table with an extendable storage drawer (on wheels). The sofa is made of MDF lacquer base and pine beams. Finished with a matte white lacquer (RAL9010).

How did you make this sofa?

Inspired by the design of the Fransisco dining bench, I started working on our sofa to draw out. I had all the necessary wood for the bench (MDF lacquer support and pine beams) cut to size and a few days later my 'construction kit' inside. Everything is put together with MDF screws and construction adhesive. The drawer runs on 6 wheels that are mounted on the recessed bottom plate of the drawer. The hole for the drawer in the side of the sofa was sawn myself. Then fill, sand, fill again, sand, coat end edges with wood glue, sand, topcoat, sand and topcoat again. Finally, in terms of finishing, a leather handle was made on the drawer and (USB) sockets were installed under the seat. These are connected to the wall sockets that are in the wall behind the sofa. Tips / what I would do differently next time: - Miter the edge around the seat to the seat planks for a sleeker look for the top (although it is under a cushion). - Blindly screw all plates and planks so that you do not have to putty. - With a less flat floor, leave a slightly larger space between the sides of the drawer and the floor (so sink the bottom of the drawer slightly less).

What are the dimensions?

340.0 centimeters wide
40.0 centimeters high
60.0 centimeters deep (seat)
Cushion 8.0 centimeters thick


150.0 centimeters long
27.0 centimeters high
27.0 centimeters wide

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How next?

This is a project for inspiration. Because our assortment has changed, (some of) the products are no longer available.

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