DIY: Producer / DJ furniture from carpentry panels, by Jonathan

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To be able to work well with my producer/dj equipment, good furniture is important. The furniture is made without legs, so as good as floating.

DIY floating desk

I started with a construction drawing, in which I looked carefully at what I wanted and whether it also fit. When the wood was in I varnished it three times (transparent). It was vuren hout . I drilled round holes in the wood to easily run wires through. Then I attached the beam and the brackets to the wall (first sawed off a small piece). Then it was the turn of the magazine. A slat attached to the side, so that the top is firmly anchored. Then the brackets attached again and the shelf on it. The wooden spruce beams and slats were later cut to size to the following dimensions:
  • Spruce Planed Round Corner 44x70 mm: 165.0 cm
  • Spruce Planed Right Angle 18x45 mm: 159.4 cm
Because I used brackets instead of wooden stands, I had a little too much wood.

Custom DJ furniture

165,0 cm x 55,0 cm

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