Matching columns for vintage DJ furniture, by Wouter

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As a supplier of DJ shows for weddings and other parties, we are always looking for original new concepts to create. Also this vintage DJ furniture with which the old-fashioned radio cabinet, plant and telephone create a vintage living room feeling. To make the show more extensive, these four columns have been made. The same wallpaper hangs in the column as on the furniture and RGB LED lighting is incorporated so that they form one complete show with the furniture. The necessary connections have been made on the back to connect the columns and the furniture, but also to put other effect light on it, such as the moving heads in the photo. We hope to be able to make a lot of bridal couples happy with this as soon as this is possible again.

DIY Vintage DJ furniture

I started building the base of all the columns. This was quite simple as all the plates fit exactly. For the book burnings, slats have been placed on the inside so that no screws are visible on the outside. After drilling, sawing and milling all handles, holes for connections and the ornaments for the front, everything was put in the stain. The columns are all papered and finally all electronic components are mounted, just like the wheels and feet.

The dimensions of the furniture

40,0x40,0x110,0 cm

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