Do it yourself: meter cupboard conversion of MDF black V313, by Marvin

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Meter box conversion from . The meter cupboard can be opened completely and a Blum hinge has been used through which the door falls inwards. The quick pat ensures that we can open the door without having to use handles.

Make a meter cupboard conversion yourself

The realization of this project starts with recording the dimensions of the panels. We have of 258.0 x 20.0 and 1 MDF panel of 258.0 x 47.0. I first assembled the meter cupboard in the shed. I started milling the 3 Blum hinge. I have custom made the wooden spruce beams and ensure stability of the cabinet (left and right panels are held in place with this). Then I attached the meter cupboard to the stone wall by means of 2 spruce wooden beams and hammer plugs. After this it is still a matter of adjusting the hinges and placing the quick pat for a fine closing of the door.

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

The width of the door is 47.0 cm + 1.8 cm + 1.8 cm = 50.6 cm tight size. The meter cupboard has an outer size of 50.6 cm x 20.0 x 258.0 cm.

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