Kitchen and bathroom furniture by John

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John made a new kitchen worktop for his kitchen island, for which he used chipboard white melamine. The doors in the kitchen, on the other hand, are MDF black. These sheet materials gave his kitchen a sleek look. 

For the bathroom cabinet too, John used MDF black. That combined with white walls makes his bathroom look modern. Take a look at his kitchen and bathroom for inspiration!

Work description: how did you realize your project

The realization of a kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Kitchen furniture

I designed and made a kitchen from waterproof MDF Black V313. They are two one-piece cabinets. A base of 2 meters by 60.0 centimeters, where the sink is located, and a cooking island of 2 meters by 82.0 centimeters, on which a ceramic top with bar is placed. All material, including doors for the water island, is made of black MDF v313 sawn by, some of which are mitred to allow the doors to fall into the cupboards. The material is milled to cover it with 1 millimeter stainless steel plates. The kitchen island was later covered with solid oak planks.

Bathroom cabinet

I also made a bathroom cabinet from the same material. I also had miter saws so that no "weld seam" is visible at the corners. It was then finished with a clear coat. Result Because of the perfect dimensions of, I think I achieved a very nice result. Next project My current project is to make sliding doors in the sloping sides of my attic, so the next order has already been placed Thanks for everything Greeting John

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