Plywood conversion Ikea Besta cabinet, by Thomas

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2 minutes


First bought three Ikea Besta cabinets with white doors and hinges. We thought that was a bit boring, so we wanted to make a wooden conversion. To make it a bit hipper and more personal. We chose birch plywood 18 mm.

Work description: how did you realize your project

First ordered 6 pieces of 18 mm plywood to size. 4x vertical piece and a top and bottom. The conversion is deeper than the cabinets so that the doors close flush with the conversion. The wood was sanded to make the edges less sharp, then varnished with matte clear varnish for interior use. When assembling, I placed the cabinets horizontally, with a shelf between each cabinet, and attached them to each other with extra long connecting bolts. I then secured the two sides and the top and bottom with screws. From the inside out, so that the screws are not visible. I used 4 glue clamps to keep everything neatly in place. Be sure to pre-drill and use a screw with a washer, otherwise it will not work in chipboard. We then put legs under it. When setting it up straight, use a crate of beer underneath so that the legs did not break off. I screwed a metal cross brace on the back to keep the cabinet stable. Ikea doors installed and ready!

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

187.4 cm x 128.1 cm x 41.5 cm (length, height, depth)

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