Radiator conversion with thickened windowsill, by Jeroen

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Description by Jeroen

Radiator conversion consisting of two parts, this radiator conversion consists of a thickened window sill with a thickness of twice 18 mm primed MDF and a supplementary frame also made of 18 mm MDF with magnetic attachment. The slats that connect the whole are placed at the back, so they are more or less out of sight. Furthermore, the planks of the additional window have been extended around the corner to also close that side of the conversion. All in all, quite a job

How I made this project

Devised the project for a nice radiator conversion and put it on paper. Ordered pre-primed MDF from TOSIZE.ie, this was delivered quickly and was truly a perfect fit. The windowsill was sawn into two corners and the top was thickened by connecting two 18 mm planks with glue and screws, sanded smooth, primed, edges primed and varnished. Placed above the radiator using brackets and mounting kit. Magnets placed in front of the front window. Additional window made, corners filled and the whole painted. I am satisfied!

Dimensions of my DIY project

WxHxD: 242.0 x 73.3x27 cm

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