Sarah's staircase and closet doors

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Like Sarah, bring an original warm look to the risers on the stairs using OSB. It became a simple job as she had the OSB board material cut to the mm with us. The same applies to her cupboard doors. Using black hinges and handles, Sarah created sturdy cupboard doors. Read more about Sarah's project here!

Work description: how did you realize your project

We have made two new projects in-house: My first project: Risers on the stairs. Instead of the standard floor covering, laminate or lacquer, I wanted an original warm appearance and I found that OSB has these qualities. Because cutting the risers to size is a very precise job, I do not recommend anyone to do this by hand! It is a simple job with wood glue and it has exactly the result that I hoped for. My second project: Doors for the walk-in closet. After the first project I was so satisfied with the OSB and how easily it was cut to size and delivered at home, that I decided to use it to equip my walk-in closet with doors. With the sturdy black hinges and handles, the whole has become a striking and original design. Because the cupboard had no 'ceiling', I also fitted it with OSB and the doors stay closed with magnetic snappers. Because the closet is very large, custom doors were expensive and now I have something to be super proud of, saved a lot of money and the space looks neat and tidy!

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