Wall cabinet for the office: lots of storage space! By Rene

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2 minutes


Wall cabinet for above a desk in the office space. This is made to fit in a niche. A hole pattern has been applied on the inside so that the plank beams can be adjusted in height.

Wall cabinet in a niche

1. Made a drawing, in which I divided the width over which the top cabinet should be placed into 3 separate cabinets. This to make mounting easier (otherwise the cupboard could not go up the stairs, and it would be too heavy to hang up conveniently). 2. Compiled shopping list and then ordered wood and furniture fittings. 3. Next made all the holes in the panels, such as the holes for the shelf holders and the furniture hinges. 4. End edges that are visible, sanded, put in the MDF primer, sanded again, and put in the MDF primer again. 5. All end faces that are visible, rounded with the router (radius 2mm). Also given the doors around round sides. 6. Completely glued + screwed together (not screwed on the door fitting). 7. Everything painted twice. 8. Cabinets hung. This by screwing a long slat against the wall (top slat 15cm from the ceiling). Then also mounted a slat on the back of each cupboard (bottom slat 15cm from top cupboard). This allowed the cabinets to be hung on the wall on the bar, and the cabinets all hang neatly at the same height. Then screwed the cabinets to the wooden lath on the wall. 9. Doors assembled, and door dampers glued. TIP: Do not reverse steps 4 and 5.

The dimensions of the cabinet

253,0x100,0x43,0cm (L x H x D)

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