A custom-made black MDF case for a 3D printer, by Markus

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Markus shows how he made a custom case for his 3D printer. He chose black MDF and ordered the sawn panels online. This meant he could start building straight away.

Description by Markus

I built a case for my 3D printer with 3 Lake Rack from Ikea. However, since my printer is a lot bigger than the tables, I needed custom-made panels to seal the case airtight. On the sides, I have custom-made plexiglass as a door so that I can watch the progress as I walk past. On the top, I also have a fan that uses an activated carbon filter to filter the contaminated air out during printing.

How I made this project

First, I printed the device for mounting the plexiglass panels and connected the lake racks to each other. When the 3 tables were fixed on top of each other, I started taking measurements for the plexiglass and for the box. First I mounted the plexiglass for the door and printed knobs. Then I screwed the panels to the table. The back plate and the top plate are held in place with magnets, so I can access the printer from all sides at any time. As you can see in the photos, my Raspberry Pis and all the electronics are hidden at the back of the printer.

Dimensions of my DIY project

155.0 high 55.0 wide 72.0 deep

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How next?

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