Acoustic panels for sound studio, by Michael

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To prevent early reflections in a studio, you can install acoustic panels. You can easily make this by making a wooden frame, filling it with rockwool and then sealing the whole with an air-permeable fabric such as jute.

DIY Acoustic Panels

Based on the size of the rockwool boards (100.0 cm x 60.0 cm x 7.0 cm) that must fit exactly in the wooden frame, I made a frame of MDF. The MDF planks were 1.8cm thick, so you arrive at an outer size of 103.6cm x 63.6cm x 14cm. I wanted to have at least 2 rockwool sheets of 7.0 cm thick each on top of each other, so 14.0 cm deep. First you assemble the MDF frame using metal corner anchors. Then cut a piece of burlap to size and use a staple gun to close one side. Then place the rockwool plates (2 pieces) in the wooden frame. Then you also close the back and fold the top and bottom in a nice way. Just like wrapping a present. With some hanging material you place them on the wall and/or ceiling and you're done :)

The dimensions of the project

103,6 cm x 63,6 cm x 14,0 cm

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