Block table made to measure from MDF Lacquer carrier, by Cor

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We wanted a white block table for our front room. We did not find the format that we had in mind in the furniture stores or on the internet. Then I decided to make the block table, or coffee table, myself.

Make a coffee table

On the internet I came across the website of I found the advantage that I did not have to have the sheets sawn at the hardware store. An important advantage was also the possibility to have edges finished.

I made the working drawing based on pictures of existing block tables and then ordered the plates exactly to size. The top edges and side edges I have rounded to 6 mm.

The plates are all connected with dowels. I locked the plates by means of corner connections with dowels. I didn't glue anything.

I let the block table float on a foot of a spruce beam of 44.0 x 66.0 cm

Custom floating block table

The outside dimensions are:
Length 150.0 cm
Width 75.0 cm
Height 30.0 cm
Height from floor 6.5 cm

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