Converted van against 15mm veneer

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Creation of a layout for a compact Peugeot expert van, I use it to work and to travel. This layout allows me to store all my tools in the furniture blocks and by only adding a board the van ends up in night mode with a 140x185 bed base. I can also stack them forward to benefit from a loading space of 122x100, I can also remove all the blocks easily to benefit from the loading space total.

Assembling each block using wood screws and manufacturing the openings using hinges. 6 blocks in total plus a board. Use of cleats to support the board.4 blocks of 61x50 height 372 blocks of 70x30 height 371 board of 140x55200 screws of diameter 5 length 4012 hinges without pre-drillingVery simple to makeWell determined the measurements of the panels for easy assembly.Tools: Screwdriver, meter , torx bit, crusiform bit. The 15mm plywood is perfect but the mdf could have worked well too

4 blocks of 61x50 height 372 blocks of 70x30 height 371 board of 140x55

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