Homemade camper van table/bench from Multiplex, by Laurens

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2 minutes


I've made a multiplex beuken table that can easily be turned into a bench. This so that I have a nice work table in my camper van that can quickly become a bench if I want to sit more comfortably.

Homemade folding table

I oiled the raw plate with Royal floor oil. On the wall side I screwed in a metal corner profile (after pre-drilling the holes) and I attached a plastic foot that fits an aluminum leg that is adjustable in height. With leftover wood I made 2 boards that fit exactly next to the table top when it is used as a bench. I did this by cutting out the shape I wanted with a piece of paper, tracing it onto the wood and then sawing it with a jigsaw. On the bench are cushions that my girlfriend made. This way you won't feel any gradient when you sit on the bench. I varnished and sanded the filler wood twice. This is because you do not see the wood when you sit on it, but because it is nice if it does not absorb moisture.

Custom camper table/bench

The table is 80.0 * 62.5 cm with rounded corners on the front side with a radius of 17.0 cm.

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