Custom made oak countertop, by Lisanne

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Extension of IKEA Faktum kitchen with new kitchen cabinet & a custom-sawn oak kitchen top from as a cutting blade on top. Fits exactly on top of the old cupboard and adjacent to the existing granite kitchen worktop.

A multifunctional countertop

My old IKEA Faktum kitchen was always just a little too small. By finding an extra kitchen unit via Marktplaats and combining it with a eiken houten blad from, I was able to increase my kitchen and the ease of use. I had a 4.0 cm thick oak top made to measure via, which fits exactly on top of the kitchen cabinet. Maybe just put it in the oil for a while and then it's all set. Now I have a built-in cutting board in my kitchen that looks beautiful!

A large custom cutting board

60,0 x 55,0 cm

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