Old workbench becomes unique kitchen, by Fred

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A steel workbench purchased via marktplaats, stripped of rust and equipped with an epoxy worktop.
The steel drawers were missing and were remade with wood from opmaatzagen.nl and mounted on rails .
The chopping block above the dishwasher was made in Poland.

Work description: how did you realize your project

The workbench has been completely stripped and stripped of rust in a lye bath. Unnecessary parts have been removed and holes for the hob and sink have been cut.
The whole has been coated with a layer of epoxy. The layer of epoxy on the worktop is 1 cm thick.
To install smoothly running drawers, a wooden interior was first installed.
Drawer walls and guides were purchased to measure and finished with 25 mm plywood and 9 mm MDF. br />Dishwasher finished with steel from the workbench. Set of legs next to dishwasher made of wood and epoxy to continue the line of the workbench. The chopping block is custom-made in Poland.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

The furniture is 420.0 cm long, 90.0 cm high and 60.0 cm deep .

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How next?

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