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2 minutes

I built the shelf from leftovers and a few purchases from the hardware store and the boards for the drawers were ordered to size from TOSIZE. The dimensions of the wood (multiplex interior poplar 12+18mm) were precisely cut and could be used without any reworking. The quality of the wood was (as expected/desired) mediocre (just poplar) but sufficient for the purpose. Two panels were “patched” with filler. But it didn't bother me. I saved almost 50eu by going to the hardware store around the corner and the transaction went without any problems. All in all, I can recommend TOSIZE and will certainly use it again. Thank you very much and a good start to the new year 2022

- first everything was measured and marked - then the panels were placed together using a 90 degree gauge and clamped. - then extinguishers were drilled or pre-drilled from the side where the screws were being screwed - then the panels were loosened again - then the connections were also added Wood glue was applied - then the panels were reconnected - then the pre-drilled extinguishers were re-drilled over the entire length into the panels of the side walls in the screwing direction - finally everything was screwed together. First the frame / then the floor / the whole thing four timesFERTSCH


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