Homemade cove made of MDF around the extractor hood, by Marco

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2 minutes


The project concerns a cove to make a ceiling unit extractor hood above a kitchen island. With a cupboard on the end for some cookbooks etc.

Work description: how did you realize your project

Saw everything in miter for a clean finish and MDF lakdraag used so that I could immediately saute it with the same latex as on the walls and ceiling. The bottom plate is 22mm thick, this was necessary for the extractor, the rest kept as light as possible from 9mm. In retrospect I would have liked to take this a bit thicker. Cut a hole on the end for the niche (2). The niche itself (3,4) was then made from residual material that I had left over from the recess that I had to make for the extractor hood (6). Make sure that the nisje adheres completely to the short side of the plate by sanding it smoothly. (5) Glue everything together with tape (6,7), then reinforced with beams. After consultation with the hood manufacturer, it turned out that the hood could be a bit higher, so 20 cm went off the top. (8th) Made large surfaces a bit stiffer by screwing on bars, this to cancel the sound box effect. Because of this and the heavy weight (40 kg extractor hood, 20 kg niche with books and figurine) I would have preferred somewhat thicker walls. But it also succeeded by strengthening. Completely attached to the ceiling (9th) first without cove due to weight, soffit screwed back in. Everything filled and sauce 3 times. Extractor hood and spotlight mounted in it (10). End result (1).

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

120,0 x 70,0 x 50,0 cm

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