MDF black cove for luxury display led strip, by William

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In one room, the atmosphere was rather grim. They were asked to illuminate the walls with an LED strip. To hide it from view, a cove of black MDF has been placed.

Make your own cove from MDF

The ceiling consists of slats, against these slats I sealed the soffit with black sealant. As a LED strip profile I used a round profile and mounted it in metal clamping brackets. This makes it possible to rotate the strip and thus change the angle of the LED strip. The LED strip has 120 LEDs per meter, warm white 24V. 3 strands of strips can be mounted on the controller, each with a maximum of 4A of current. Maximum consumption of the 24V strip of 5 meters is 2A, so that fits nicely. A dimmer finished the job.

Customizing a soffit

The soffit is 8.0cm in height. Total length is approximately 13 meters. Thickness is 18mm black MDF

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