Making cupboard doors from Underlayment, just like Meira

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Meira has made cool new doors for her wardrobe from Underlayment Fins Vuren. Curious about the end result? Read more here! (Photo credits: @meira.athome on Instagram)

The cupboard doors from Meira /h3>

Meira (@meira.athome) has from Underlayment Fins Vuren made new doors for her wardrobe. This gives your closet a whole new look! The cupboard doors are floor-to-ceiling and together they are also wall-to-wall. This means they cover the entire wall and are a leading part of the bedroom interior! The sturdy appearance and light color of the Underlayment fit nicely with the rest of the interior and give the whole a warm appearance. Meira has made recesses in the material itself to use as handles. This way the appearance remains nice and sleek and you can easily open the doors, which is handy! Do you also want to make new cabinet doors from Underlayment? Then order your custom Underlayment Fins Vuren at!

Order Underlayment Fins Spruce made to measure!

About Underlayment Fins Spruce

Underlayment Fins Spruce is a flat sheet of spruce wood. It is often used in the construction of subfloors, hence the name. The construction of underlayment is very similar to the construction of plywood. Both are made by using multiple layers of wood veneer crosswise, but underlayment often has a somewhat wilder look.

Make your own cupboard doors!

Do you want to make new cupboard doors just like Meira? Then you can easily do that yourself! At you can choose from a wide range of sheet materials that you can use for your cupboard doors. In addition to underlayment, you will also find different types of plywood, MDF, concrete plywood, OSB and chipboard. We saw all this sheet material completely to size for you, accurate to the millimeter and in different shapes! We can even finish the edges for you. View our range and discover all the possibilities.

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