Pimp an existing IKEA cupboard + shelf between 2 walls, by Mario

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A TV cabinet and bookcase made from standard Ikea cabinets. These were finished with a nice strong massief eiken werkblad . The game consoles, smartphone, books can now be put away without any worries. The shelf is equipped with a socket and USB connection.

DIY with solid oak

Have the solid worktops cut to size. With a router, cut out a recess for a hidden socket. This socket is a combination of plug and USB. The countertops are sanded smooth by hand. First with a coarse grain. Then with a fine grain. The worktops are placed on top of the cupboard. Make sure that the worktops lie neatly on the underlying cupboard. Then the worktops glued with silicone. Clamped the worktops with a glue clamp so that they can no longer move. A screw is also screwed in along the inside of the case. The glue clamps were removed the next day. The screws remain.

The dimensions of the project

Shelf: 110.0x40.0 cm Cabinet: 270.0X40.0 cm

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