Windowsill – radiator cove combination of MDF, by Guido

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A radiator cove - windowsill combination. The windowsill protrudes further than usual, but then the heating is gone. You can still reach the rotary knob and cleaning is still possible.

DIY: Radiator conversion plus windowsill

First of all, I took the measurements with a tape measure. Based on these measurements, I made some sketches of the radiator cove / windowsill. In my head I already had an idea of how it should be, it is about what you can buy ready-made at a hardware store, but of course the sizes are just not right there. Then you have to cut it back to size. Then I painted the planks and screwed them together.

Tailor-made conversion for radiator

159.0 cm wide, 60.0 cm high

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