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In order to be able to help you choose the right products, we have included as much information as possible about our products in the product specifications. This way, you know exactly which material is suitable for your project. Read more below or take a look at the product specifications of our range of wood and wooden sheets!

Choosing the right material for your project is not always easy, so we’re more than happy to help you on your way! Simply go to our category page and filter so that your desired material appears. See also the product specifications for more information.

Looking for DIY advice?
We want to inspire you and help you get started with your project by providing you with professional sawing work. We work on the web shop every day in order to be able to advise you online as best we can. On our DIY page you will find inspiration, DIY stories from others, DIY tips and much more!

Are you having trouble indicating your shape or finish? Read more about it here.

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You are responsible for the content of your order. Our advice is to always check the materials, dimensions and finishes carefully before ordering. That way you can be sure everything is correct.

A wood grain can be seen on various sheet materials. The marking of the wood grain always runs in the longitudinal direction. When sawing the sheet, we maintain that the longitudinal dimension is also the longitudinal direction of the wood grain. So be careful when filling in the measurements, so that the flames of the wood grain all run in the right direction!

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