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You may have placed an order and suddenly realize that you have forgotten something or that you would have preferred a different product. You can only change your order if it has not yet been taken into production. First, check that your current order is not already in production. This can be done via this form. Read more about changing your order below.


> Changing the dimensions of one or more items within a running order

Check here whether your order is already in production and make the desired changes immediately.


> Changing the material or thickness of certain item(s)

We cannot change the thickness and type of wood after you have placed an order. Do you want to change them? Then we ask you to cancel your current order and place a new one. Use this form to check whether you can still cancel your order, and simply submit a cancellation request. Please note! The amount will be refunded within a few working days. This may cause a delay in your order.


> Adding extra item(s) to your order

First, check that your current order is not already in production. This can be done via this form. Is it still possible to change your order? Then we ask you to do the following:

  1. Send in the form to put your current order on hold
  2. Then place a new order including the desired delivery method and possible processing fee, and let us know in the comments' field in the last step before you checkout that it should be merged with your current order. Please clearly indicate the order number of your current order.
  3. By leaving a comment, we will be notified. We will review the request and merge both orders if possible. The (over)paid processing fee and/or shipping costs will be credited. 

Parcel post

Do you have two orders which are both sent by parcel post? Then we will not merge them. You will be credited for any overpayment of handling and/or shipping fees.


Courier service

When one or both orders are shipped with our courier service, we will merge the orders. You will receive a confirmation of this by e-mail.

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This is only possible when the order has not yet been taken into production. Send us your change via our contact form. We will then assess as soon as possible whether your order has already been processed and whether changes are still possible. Do not forget to include the order number!

Are you a new customer? Welcome! You can easily create an account by going to the login page and clicking ‘create account’. Filled up your cart already? Easily create an account via the last step before you place your final order. Fill in your details and check the 'Create an account for your next visit' option on the checkout page. 

Once you have sent your details, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please note, this e-mail may end up in your spam folder.