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The minimum piece price is the minimum price what a cut-to-size piece of wood or sheet material costs. The prices of our cut-to-size wood and sheet material are calculated on the basis of a square metre price. If the square metre price falls below the minimum piece price, the minimum piece price is calculated. Are you a business customer and need many of the same items? Bekijk onze zakelijke pagina.

For most of our sheet material, the minimum price 3,50 for some other special sheet materials it falls higher.

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The minimum purchase amount is 60,-.

If the total amount of your order stays below 60,- , a processing fee will be charged. As soon as the value of your order exceeds 60,- , the processing fee will lapse.

The minimum unit price is 3,50, 10 or 20, depending on the type of material you have selected.

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