A beautiful washing machine cabinet made of sawn Finnish spruce, by Vincent

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Vincent shows how he made a beautiful washing machine cabinet with custom sawn sheet material. For this project he ordered 12mm Finnish spruce underlayment. Read more about his approach and experience on the blog.

Description of Vincent

A cupboard for the “laundry room”. This contains the washing machine and dryer. There is also a high cupboard with 6 compartments for storage space. In addition, a low cupboard for storing a kitchen stepladder. First I started by measuring the space. The sizes were very easy to enter from the webshop. This really made ordering a breeze. The delivery was very fast and I was able to get started quickly.

How I made this project

I started with the base plate. From the bottom, the partitions were then secured with spaces of 60 cm between them. Then the high sides were attached with iron corners because the space was too small to screw the cabinet together while lying flat. Then the top was attached to it, also with iron corners because otherwise there would be screw holes in the top top. Finally, the slices and a door for the tall cabinet were screwed together and the job was done.

Dimensions of my DIY project

230.0 cm wide
240.0 cm high part
100.0 cm low part
75, 0 cm deep

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How next?

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