Attic renovation, creating storage space and removing the boiler, by Marco

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We have concealed the boiler and made extra storage space to store a large number of boxes. It is a framework with oak panels from on it

Tips for a tidy attic

We have concealed the boiler with plasterboard. That was quite difficult because the chimney that has been there since 1938 .. is a bit skewed .. and that in combination with a skewed roof and a skewed floor .. but we succeeded! We made a framework and put plasterboard against it. Because the boiler is behind the plates, we have made a plate that is fixed with magnets so that you can still reach the boiler. Then made a framework of spruce wooden beams and paneled with MDF boards. We made a decorative profile on those MDF boards, the corners of which we sawed in miter for a sleek result. We ordered the oak panels cut to size from We ordered the long edge mitered at 45 degrees, so that the sheet could be placed directly against the sloping roof.

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

306.0 cm wide 70.0 cm deep 70.0 cm high

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