Contemporary underlayment wardrobe, by Felicia

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A beautiful, spacious and modern wardrobe for my daughter that she will enjoy for a long time to come. In terms of size, we were a bit limited and most of the cabinets are very high, so those scary children will climb in them. With a socks/underwear drawer at the bottom and a low rod, she can easily reach everything without giving me a nervous breakdown.

Make your own underlayment cabinet

- Milling trenches in top, side and bottom panel for hardboard back wall. - Drilling holes for hinges in doors. - Drill holes for handles in doors. Drawer: - Screw side panels to bottom plate. - Fasten the back panel with screws. - Place a partition (to make 2 separate compartments). - Predrill front panel handles. - Blindly fix the front panel using dowels and glue, possibly seat corners for reinforcement. - Attach handles. - Mark the line of the drawer guides. Legs: - Saw out and glue tapered legs, if necessary reinforce with chair corners. - Fasten legs to bottom panel. Cabinet section: - Fasten shelves to partition (dowels or shelf supports) - Fasten partition to bottom plate. - Fasten bottom panel between side panels with dowels. - Screw the bottom panel (with feet) against the bottom of the side panels. - Slide in the hardboard back wall. - Fasten the top panel with screws. - Install and adjust doors. - Install handles. - Install drawer guides. - Mount drawer. - Place rods. - Place shelves. - Check for splinters and/or sharp corners.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

LXbXh = 106x50x180

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