Custom cabinet doors made of plywood birch for PAX cabinet under a sloping roof, by Leonoor

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2 minutes

Leonoor has made beautiful custom cabinet doors using custom-sawn birch plywood. The basis of the cabinet is an Ikea Pax cabinet. They turned out to be beautiful custom cupboard doors!

Description by Leonoor

I cut a PAX cupboard (IKEA) to size under a sloping wall in a children's room. For this PAX cupboard I wanted beautiful doors and not ordinary doors. That's why I installed custom-sawn birch plywood doors for this.

How I made this project

- Pax cupboard sawn to size on site and placed under the sloping roof
- I measured the doors during work (I knew the width of the IKEA cupboard, but I had to measure the sloping roof)
- I then put the doors in a working drawing (illustrator), to check whether that was something I measured and it was also correct. Because the sloping top line of the three doors had to continue.
- Based on the working drawing, I then ordered the doors
- I then attached the hinges (standard IKEA hinges)
- The I determined the exact location of the hinges by measuring another pax cupboard in the house. The installation manual is also often included with the hinges you buy.
- I drilled a hole to match the hinges and then attached the hinges to the door.
- The doors could then be attached to the pax cabinet. be attached.
- I did not stain the cabinet because I like the color now. hopefully it won't discolor too much!

Dimensions of my DIY project

197.0 x 150.0 cm

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How next?

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